Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall decorations

Last weekend, I changed the seasonal decorations in my house.  I do this periodically - five times a year.  So I went from summer (with seashells and suchlike) to fall (colored leaves and lots of brown stuff).  This involves a great deal of going up and down the basement steps, carrying large, sometimes heavy, boxes since all the decorations not currently in use are stored down there.  There are 3 or 4 boxes for each season.  So I brought up the empty boxes to put the summer stuff in and also the full and heavy boxes filled with fall stuff.  when I finished decorating, I had to reverse the process and take all the boxes back down. 

The kitchen decorations are fake flowers, leaves, etc. and are all stored in a huge plastic bag.  They are really easy to haul up and down, thank goodness.  The glass items, of which I have many, are stored in three other boxes, so I have to get into those as well, although sometimes I can do that in the storage room and just bring up the items I want to display.  Anyway, it's a lot of up an down and a lot of lifting heavy boxes off and on shelves (some above my head).   If that wasn't enough, on Monday I  redid the jewelry cases at the Hospital Gift Shop, taking out the summer stuff and putting in the fall items.  I've gotten a lot of compliments on them, so I can say without prejudice that they look really good!  I haven't been able to take good photos of the jewelry cases in the shop, too much reflection from the glass, but I'll try again today, with the flash turned off.  (If I remember to take the camera with me, of course.)