Friday, November 1, 2013

A Comeback, maybe

I've not blogged for quite a while.  I think it's because I've been using Facebook a great deal and so much of the information/chatting that I used to blog is now on Facebook.  However, there is a lot more space available for writing on a blog, so I"m going to see if I can get into that again.

The most exciting thing that has occurred in my life since I last blogged is a birth of a new granddaughter.  After many years of waiting and trying, my son and daughter-in-law have a baby girl - born in late July, 2013.  My daughter, other grandchildren, and son-in-law came from England to visit me this summer and we all flew out to Arizona to see little Elise.  She was only a couple of weeks old when we saw her and I think we all fell in love with her.  The few days we were in AZ were busy ones, especially as we all (including Elise) drove up the the Grand Canyon one day.  Some of us had seen it before, but it's still an amazing sight.  We didn't get many good photos because it was drizzling rain all day, but it was worth the trip.

I can't seem to find the few photos I took of the Grand Canyon trip, but I did find these of my grandchildren holding their new cousin.

 Sarah (brown hair), Alex, and Olivia (blond) cuddling the baby.  They all wanted to hold her and there was some arguing about whose turn it was.  Aunt Kate and Grandma Kathy also did some cuddling.  I had forgotten how small new babies.

Of course, by this time I have a whole bunch of photos of Elise.  Steve and Christine are very good about posting many photos on Facebook, so I get to see the baby as she grows.  She is about 3 months old now - much more of a person - as you can see in the last photo.  I can't seem to get this text where I want it, or actually it's that I can get the photos where I want them.  I was able to do this before Blogger changed things.  Changes are not always improvements.   I'm going to stop now, but I will try to get back into blogging - maybe once a week?

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mumzy said...

I have been away from blogging myself for over a year. The reason was my daughter has been fighting cancer for over 18 months and I did not have the heart to blog. She just lost her battle on October 10th and it has been very difficult. DH and I have moved to Nova Scotia so we could help as she gave birth to a gorgeous little boy April 10, 2012. He is now almost 19 months old and we are here to care for him and his Daddy, now that his Mommy is gone. Hopefully, I, too, will get back into blogging. Congratulations on your new Granddaughter.