Friday, February 13, 2009

In Merrie Olde England

I was a lot less tired than usual on this trip, which was very nice. I never get much sleep on the plane coming over because (a) they serve dinner at 10 pm and don't turn the lights down until almost 11 and (b) airplane seats are not the most comfortable beds in the world and (c) there is often a crying baby or a coughing person or some other distraction that keeps me awake. This time I had 2 seats to myself, so I could spread out a bit, but there was a woman a couple of rows back who coughed and coughed and coughed. I kept thinking, 'I sure hope I don't catch her cold!'. Anyway, I felt pretty good Wednesday morning when Kate came to pick me up and I actually stayed up until bedtime that night. I've been getting in a lot of walking - accompanying the kids to school and back and yesterday, I walked from school over the the high street in Worcester Park and poked around in all the charity shops and other interesting stores. There is a shop called 'Broadway Bargains' which is like an old-fashioned version of a dollar store. It had a little bit of just about everything - buttons, fabric, toys, kitchen stuff, pencils, pens, paper, used paperback book, etc. Not like anything I've ever seen in the US.

Today I'm heading into London to visit my favorite museum - the Victoria and Albert. I will see wonderful pottery and glass, and musical instruments and clothing from several centuries, and much more. I love the place! It isn't overwhelming like the British Museum, but has as much as I can see in one day.

It's cold here and there were a few snowflakes last night, but today is just dreary looking. However, Wednesday and yesterday we had sunny all morning and so I can't complain. Of course, it was in the 60s when I left Maryland, so it is quite a change!


Pat said...

Glad you are having a nice time and trust that will continue throughout the entire visit. Enjoy and take lots of pictures, okay?

mumzy said...

Pleased to hear that you made it to England safe and sound. I understand the problem of sleeping or lack of sleep on an airplane. Have a great holiday with your family.